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Fishing Fire, lithograph by Eizo KATOFishing Fire
Bonfire, woodcut by Eizo KATOBonfire
Thunder God, silkscreen by Eizo KATOThunder God
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Biography of Eizo KATO

Portrait of Eizo KATO1906 - Japane painter Eizo KATO was born in Gifu Prefecture.
1923 - Graduated from Gifu Commercial and Business School.
1926 - Entered Tokyo School of Fine Arts.
1929 - Awarded his first prize at the 10th Teiten Exhibition.
1931 - Graduated from Tokyo School of Fine Arts.
1936 - Received the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts.
1939 - Won the Special Award at the 3rd Shin-bunten Exhibition.
1948 - Formed a new organization with several other artists called "Sozo Bijutsu" (Creation of Art).
1950 - Seceded from "Sozo Bijutsu" (Creation of Art) with Meiji HASHIMOTO and others.
1952 - Appointed to the Judge of the Nitten exhibition.
1958 - Appointed to the Councilor of the Nitten.
1959 - Received the Japan Art Academy Award.
1965 - Exhibited his work "Thunder God" at the 8th Shin-nitten Exhibition.
1969 - Appointed to the Director of the Nitten.
1972 - Eizo KATO passed away at the age of 65.

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