Fumiko HORI

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Peonies, lithograph by Fumiko HORIPeonies
Flower Basket, silkscreen by Fumiko HORIFlower Basket
Camellia, silkscreen by Fumiko HORICamellia
Poppy, silkscreen by Fumiko HORIPoppy
Peony, silkscreen by Fumiko HORIPeony
Birds and Red Flowers, silkscreen by Fumiko HORIBirds and Red Flowers
Narcissus, lithograph by Fumiko HORINarcissus
Shower of Cherry Blossoms, silkscreen by Fumiko HORIShower of Cherry Blossoms
Crocosmia Aurea, silkscreen by Fumiko HORICrocosmia Aurea
Jetbeads and Weeds, silkscreen by Fumiko HORIJetbeads and Weeds
Nameless Weeds, silkscreen by Fumiko HORINameless Weeds
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Biography of Fumiko HORI

Portrait of Fumiko HORI1918 - Japanese painter Fumiko HORI was born in Tokyo.
1936 - Entered an advanced course of Women's Vocational Art School (now Women's College of Fine Arts).
1940 - Graduated from an advanced course of Women's Vocational Art School (now Women's College of Fine Arts).
1948 - Exhibited at the 1st Sozo Bijutsu Exhibition, and won the Encouragement Award.
1952 - Awarded the 2nd Shoen UEMURA Prize.
1974 - Became a professor of Tama Art University.
1979 - Set up her atelier at Karuizawa.
1987 - Won the 36th Kanagawa Cultural Award. Set up her atelier at Arezzo, Italy.
1994 - Held a solo exhibition at the Narukawa Museum of Art.
2010 - Held a solo exhibition at the Hiratsuka Museum of Art.
2011 - Took an honorary doctorate of Women's College of Fine Arts.
2012 - Held a solo exhibition at the Shinano Museum of Art.
2014 - Completed the mural painting of passenger terminal building of the Fukushima Airport.
2019 - Fumiko HORI passed away at the age of 100.

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