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Peonies, aquatint by Junsaku KOIZUMIPeonies
Peony, lithograph by Junsaku KOIZUMIPeony
Twin Dragons, aquatint by Junsaku KOIZUMITwin Dragons
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Biography of Junsaku KOIZUMI

Portrait of Junsaku KOIZUMI1924 - Japanese painter Junsaku KOIZUMI was born in Kanagawa Prefecture.
1952 - Graduated from Tokyo School of Fine Arts (present Tokyo University of Arts).
Became a pupil of Kyujin YAMAMOTO.
2000 - Completed ceiling paintings in the Hall of the Kencho-ji Temple.
2002 - Completed ceiling paintings in the Hall of the Kennin-ji Temple.
2010 - Completed sliding screen paintings in the Todai-ji Temple.
2012 - Junsaku KOIZUMI passed away at the age of 87.

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