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'First Eastern Wind of the Year' woodcut by Kiyokata KABURAKI
Title First Eastern Wind of the Year
Category woodcut
'Flower of Affinity' woodcut by Kiyokata KABURAKI
Title Flower of Affinity
Category woodcut

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Kiyokata KABURAKI Biography

1878  Japanese painter Kiyokata KABURAKI was born in Tokyo. His father, Jono Saigiku was one of the founders of Tokyo Nichi-nichi Shinbun (presently Mainichi Shinbun) and was a brilliant man of letters as well as popular novelist and drama critic. Kiyokata was influenced by his father and grew up in a literary atmosphere. 
1891  Through the recommendation of his father and San-yu-tei Encho, he became a disciple of Mizuno Toshikata, a ukiyoe artist of the Utagawa school and illustrator, in order to become an illustrator.
1893  Given the pseudonym “Kiyokata” by his mentor Mizuno Toshikata.
1894  Took charge of drawing illustrations for “Yamato Shinbun” of which his father was president. 
1897  Drew illustrations for “Tohoku Shinbun”, and became independent.
1901  Organized the group “Ugo-kai”. Asked to draw the frontispiece and binding for “Sannmai tsuzuki”(A series of three works) written by Izumi Kyoka, he formed a close friendship with Izumi Kyoka. He became more interested in Japanese style painting, and began to produce many fine works inspired by the literary works.
1903  Began to draw frontispieces for the magazine “Bungei Club” which led the literary world, and became established as an illustrator.
1915  A group called “Kyodo-kai” was established by Kiyokata’s apprentices; Ito Shinsui and Terashima Shimei. At the 9th Bun-ten exhibition(organized by the Ministry of Education), his painting “A Shower Passing By” won the best prize.
1916  “Kinreisha” was organized by Kiyokata together with Hirafuku Hyakusui, Matsuoka Eikyu, Yuki Somei, and Kikkawa Reika.
1919  Served as a judge for the 1st Teiten (the exhibition organized by the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts)
1927  Submitted “Tsukiji-Akashicho”at the 8th Teiten exhibition. Received a prize from the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts. He had established himself as a key figure in the field both in name and reality.
1930  “The Portrait of San-yu-tei Encho” was exhibited in the 11th teiten. This work was designated as a national important cultural property in 2003.
1937  The Imperial Arts Academy was established and Kiyokata became a member of this academy. 
1944  Appointed as a Court artist.
1946  Appointed as a judge at the 1st Japan Arts Exhibition (Nitten). Moved to Zaimokuza, Kamakura from Gotennba where he had been evacuated from Ushigome-Yaraicho, Tokyo, because his house had been burned down during World War Ⅱ.
1954  Given the Order of Culture. Moved to Yukinoshita, Kamakura.
1972  Passed away in Yukinoshita on Mar. 2, at 93.

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