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Fireworks in Nagaoka, lithograph by Kiyoshi YAMASHITAFireworks in Nagaoka
Fireworks in Tondabayashia, silkscreen by Kiyoshi YAMASHITAFireworks in Tondabayashi
Landscape with Tunnels, silkscreen by Kiyoshi YAMASHITALandscape with Tunnels
Mt. Fuji from Nihondaira, lithograph by Kiyoshi YAMASHITAMt. Fuji from Nihondaira
Fireworks in Ryogoku, silkscreen by Kiyoshi YAMASHITAFireworks in Ryogoku
Landscape of Nagasaki, lithograph by Kiyoshi YAMASHITALandscape of Nagasaki
Sakurajima, lithograph by Kiyoshi YAMASHITASakurajima
Rural School, lithograph by Kiyoshi YAMASHITARural School
Kiyoshi’s Dream, lithograph by Kiyoshi YAMASHITAKiyoshi’s Dream
Glover Garden, lithograph by Kiyoshi YAMASHITAGlover Garden
Town in Switzerland, lithograph by Kiyoshi YAMASHITATown in Switzerland
Dutch Farm, lithograph by Kiyoshi YAMASHITADutch Farm
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Biography of Kiyoshi YAMASHITA

Portrait of Kiyoshi YAMASHITA1922 - Japanese painter Kiyoshi YAMASHITA was born in Asakusa, Tokyo.
1925 - Suffered an acute abdominal disorder which, although not life-threatening, left him with a mild speech impediment and some neurological damage.
1928 - Entered Ishihama Elementary School in Asakusa.
1934 - Entered Yawata institution for the mentally handicapped in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture.
1940 - Started his wandering around Japan, which would last until 1954.
1961 - Visited nine European countries.
1971 - Kiyoshi YAMASHITA passed away at the age of 49.

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