Flowers of Cherry Blossom, by Rieko MORITA

Flowers of Cherry Blossom, lithograph by Rieko MORITA

Item ID 4000-13082904
Title Flowers of Cherry Blossom
Category lithograph
Theme sakura, cherry blossom, spring
Year 2009
Image size 29.8*38.0cm
Remark ed150, signed

Market Price : JPY350000
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Biography of Rieko MORITA

Portrait of Rieko MORITA1978 - Japanese painter Rieko MORITA graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Japanese Painting.
1980 - Finished her graduate degree of Japanese Painting at Kyoto City University of Arts.
1981 - The 7th Spring Soga Exhibition. Received Shunkiten Award.
1982 - The 3rd Tokyo Central Museum Japanese Painting Grand Prix Exhibition. Received an honorable mention.
1984 - Personal Exhibition (Tokyo Central Museum also in '86).
1985 - The 1st Tokyo Central Museum Nude Art Grand Prix Exhibition.
1986 - The 1st Kawabata Ryushi Grand Prix Exhibition. Received the Grand Prix (Wakayama City Museum).
1987 - The 9th Yamatane Museum Japanese Painting Grand Prix Exhibition (also in '89,'91,'93 and '95).
1988 - Japanese Painting Nude Art Exhibition (The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama).
1990 - The 1st Suga Tatehiko Grand Prix Exhibition (Kurayoshi Museum). Received Runner-up Prize and Citizens Award. Co-exhibition of Kawamura Etsuko & Morita Rieko (Umeda Daimaru in Osaka).
1991 - Exhibition of Modern Japanese Screen Painting (Landesmuseum Volk und Wirtschaft).
1992 - Received Incentive Award of Kyoto Cultural Award. Inochi Sanka Japanese Painting Hyakunin Exhibition (The Museum of Kyoto).  Personal Exhibition (Takashimaya Department Store in Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama and Osaka).
1993 - Nihon Shusaku Art Exhibition (Takashimaya Department Store in Tokyo and Osaka also in '94 & '01). Royo-no-me Modern Painting Exhibition (also in '95, '97, '98, '00 and '01). Received Rinmei Reisan Award in '95.
1994 - Personal Exhibition (Seigado Natsume Art Shop in Tokyo, Takashimaya Department Store in Osaka). Co-exhibition of Fujii Tsutomu & Morita Rieko (Hokushin Gallery in Ginza,Tokyo, Daimaru in Kyoto and Kobe).
1995 - Received Union Figurative Design Award.
1996 - 96 New Generation of Japanese Painting Exhibition (Daimaru Department Store in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo also in '99). Personal Exhibition "Seimei Rinka" (Narukawa Museum in Hakone).
1997 - Takashimaya Art Exhibition. Co-exhibition of Kosugi Kojiro & Morita Rieko (Sagamiya Art Shop, Ginza, Tokyo).
1998 - The 1st NEXT Exhibition (Takahimaya Department Store in Kyoto) (participated every year to date). Personal Art Exhibition "24 Original Pictures of Front Page of Tanko, Ura-Senke Tea Ceremony Magazine" (Seigado Matsume Art Shop in Tokyo, Takashimaya Department Store in Kyoto and Osaka).
1999 - Personal Exhibition "Inochi Kagayakutoki" (Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo, Nagoya and Sapporo, Daimaru Department Store in Osaka).
2000 - Received Kyoto City Art New Face Award. Co-exhibition of Kawamura Etsuko, Mio Kozo and Morita Rieko (Takashimaya Department Store in Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Tokyo and Nagoya) . Personal Exhibition "Shiki no Sasayaki" (Seiga Natsume Art Shop in Tokyo).
2002 - Personal Exhibition "Kyo-maiko Hana-koyomi" (Matsuzakaya Department Store in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka and Daimaru Department Store in Kyoto).
2003 - Morita Rieko Art Exhibition, at the 10th Anniversary of Hikarigaoka Museum (Hikarigaoka Museum, Tokyo). Personal Exhibition "Seimei no Uta" (Kintetsu Department Store in Osaka). Eye Exhibition of the 21st Century – Sorezore-no-katachi (Takashimaya Department Store in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka) (participated every year to date).
2004 - Personal Exhibition "Miyabi-no-hana Saijiki" (Manyo Museum in Nara). Personal Exhibition "Hana Oriori-no-shou" (Narukawa Museum in Hakone). Personal Exhibition "Memoirs of Kobe Hana-no-Uta" (Sogo Department Store in Kobe).
2005 - Personal Exhibition "Morita Rieko Shohin Ten" (Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo). Co-exhibition of Yabuuchi Satoshi & Morita Rieko (Seibu Department Store in Tokyo and Sogo Department Store in Osaka).
2006 - Works done for Guest House of Kyoto Imperial Palace.
2007 - Personal Exhibition "Kyo, Hana, Koyomi" (Gallery Shibunkaku in Kyoto). Works done for design of Fusuma-e (sliding door) of Hojo (main hall) and ceiling painting of Kyakuden (guest room) at Rokuonji Temple.
2008 - Design of "Ema" (the year's pictorial offering) for Todaiji Temple in Nara.
2009 - Fusuma-e, Design of Japanese sliding doors, of the guest room of Shokuhou-en in Kyoto. Personal exhibition : TOHOSAIMU Rieko Morita -BEAUTES DIVINES-
at MITSUKOSHI ETOILE in Paris, France.
2010 - A Rieko Morita Commemorative Exhibition of - BEAUTES DIVINES - in Japan.
2011 - Received Kyoto Bunka-Sho Koro-sho (The award for cultural merit from Kyoto). Personal Exhibition "Morita Rieko Ten -Furusato Nihon no hana, Shiki no Utsuroi" (Sogo Department Store in Kobe and Yokohama, Takanawa-kai in Osaka and Tokyo).
2012 - Personal Exhibition Artworks of Merita Rieko in Oman (Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts MUSCAT in Oman).
Now independent and not affiliated with any artist groups. Lives in Kyoto-city, Japan.

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