Shinsui ITO

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Firefly, woodcut by Shinsui ITOFirefly
Snowstorm, woodcut by Shinsui ITOSnowstorm
Whisper, woodcut by Shinsui ITOWhisper
Arranging Chrysanthemums, woodcut by Shinsui ITOArranging Chrysanthemums
Michitose, woodcut by Shinsui ITOMichitose
Cherry Blossom and a beautiful woman, woodcut by Shinsui ITOCherry Blossom and a Beautiful Woman
Strumming, woodcut by Shinsui ITOStrumming
Garden in Early Summer, woodcut by Shinsui ITOGarden in Early Summer
Snow, woodcut by Shinsui ITOSnow
Fingers, silkscreen by Shinsui ITOFingers
The First Shimada Hairstyle in the New Year, woodcut by Shinsui ITOThe First Shimada Hairstyle in the New Year
Apprentice Geisha, lithograph by Shinsui ITOApprentice Geisha
Spring Rain, woodcut by Shinsui ITOSpring Rain
Ancient Beauty, woodcut by Shinsui ITOAncient Beauty
Spring Snow, woodcut by Shinsui ITOSpring Snow
Battledore, lithograph by Shinsui ITOBattledore
Fuji, lithograph by Shinsui ITOFuji
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Biography of Shinsui ITO

Portrait of Shinsui ITO1898 - Japanese painter Shinsui ITO was born in Tokyo.
1910 - Deeply impressed by Gyoshu HAYAMI’s work "Koharu (Indian Summer)", and started to aspire to be a Japanese painter.
1911 - Became a pupil of Kiyokata KABURAKI.
1912 - Awarded his first prize at the Tatsumiga-kai Exhibition.
1914 - Awarded at the 1st Restored Inten Exhibition.
1915 - Awarded his first prize at the Bunten Exhibition.
1920 - Held a solo exhibition at the Ueno Matsuzakaya Department Store.
1924 - Awarded at the Teiten Exhibition.
1927 - Established "Shinsui gajuku", a private painting school. Won the Special Award at the Teiten Exhibition.
1933 - Appointed to the Judge of the Teiten exhibition.
1946 - Appointed to the Judge of the Nitten exhibition.
1948 - Received the Japan Art Academy Award.
1957 - Held his retrospective exhibition
1958 - Appointed to the member of The Japan Art Academy. Appointed to the Councilor and Director of the Nitten.
1962 - Held the 50th anniversary exhibition of his career of painting.
1970 - Received The Third Rank of The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon.
1972 - Shinsui ITO passed away at the age of 74.

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