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Drizzle, silkscreen by Shoen UEMURADrizzle
At Dusk, silkscreen by Shoen UEMURA
At Dusk

Wind, woodcut by Shoen UEMURA
Daughter Miyuki, silkscreen by Shoen UEMURADaughter Miyuki
Tympanitic Sound, silkscreen by Shoen UEMURATympanitic Sound
Waiting for the Moon, woodcut by Shoen UEMURAWaiting for the Moon
Large Flakes of Snow, silkscreen by Shoen UEMURALarge Flakes of Snow
Late Autumn, silkscreen by Shoen UEMURALate Autumn
Firefly, woodcut by Shoen UEMURAFirefly
Drizzle, silkscreen by Shoen UEMURAYoung Leaves
Hina Dolls, silkscreen by Shoen UEMURAHina Dolls (Dolls Displayed at Girl’s Festival)
Noh Dance Prelude, silkscreen by Shoen UEMURANoh Dance Prelude
Serene Sound, woodcut by Shoen UEMURASerene Sound
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Biography of Shoen UEMURA

Portrait of Shoen UEMURA1875 - Japanese painter Shoen UEMURA was born in Kyoto. Her true given name was Tsune.
1887 - Entered Kyoto Prefectural School of Painting, and studied under Shonen Suzuki.
1888 - Left Kyoto Prefectural School of Painting. Became the pupil of Shonen Suzuki.
1893 - Became the pupil of Bairei Kono.
1895 - Became the pupil of Seiho TAKEUCHI.
1900 - Exhibited at the 12th Exhibition of the Japan Painting Association, and won the silver medal.
1902 - Her first son, Shoko UEMURA was born.
1916 - Exhibited at the 10th Bunten exhibition, and became exempted from future examinations required to display art in the exhibition.
1924 - Appointed to the Judge of the Teiten exhibition.
1934 - Exhibited at the 15th Teiten exhibition, and appointed to the Councilor of the Teiten exhibition.
1937 - Completed Setsugekka (Snow, Moon and Flowers), drawn at the request of the Empress Dowager.
1940 - Exhibited at the New York World's Fair.
1941 - Appointed to a member of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts (now The Japan Art Academy).
1943 - Appointed to the Judge of the 6th Shin-bunten exhibition.
1944 - Appointed to the Court Artist.
1946 - Appointed to the Judge of the 1st Nitten exhibition.
1948 - Given the Order of Culture.
1949 - Shoen UEMURA passed away at the age of 74.

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