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Rue de Charonne
Title Rue de Charonne
Category lithograph
La Renaissance
Title La Renaissance
Category lithograph

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Takanori OGUISS Biography

After attending the academy of arts of Tokyo, Takanori OGUISS moved to Paris in 1927 where he became a student of Foujita. he rapidly became a part of the Parisian artistic circle and in 1933 began working in one of the ateliers of the "Montmartre aux artistes". He painted primarily the old picturesque districts and suburbs of Paris, but also still lifes and landscapes.
During his eight-year stay in Japan, he attained recognition in his native country, taking part in exhibitions, as he had done in France. Takanori OGUISS was also a writer. He wrote and illustrated the "Nouvelles de Paris". His dedication to the art of lithography began only in 1971. Retrospectives on OGUISS were held as early as 1955, and a museum in his hometown of Inazawa opened three years before his death.

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