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Peach blossoms in a bottle, woodcut by Yuki OGURAPeach blossoms in a bottle
Joseon Pot and Red Plum Blossoms, woodcut by Yuki OGURAJoseon Pot and Red Plum Blossoms
Shiso Flowers, woodcut by Yuki OGURAShiso Flowers
Beginning of Blooming, woodcut by Yuki OGURABeginning of Blooming
Ko-kutani Bowl and Grapes, woodcut by Yuki OGURAKo-kutani Bowl and Grapes
Think of the Old Master, woodcut by Yuki OGURAThink of the Old Master
Ko-kutani and Mangos, lithograph by Yuki OGURAKo-kutani and Mangos
Old Pottery and Green Persimmons, lithograph by Yuki OGURAOld Pottery and Green Persimmons
Dayflower, woodcut by Yuki OGURADayflower
Lizard's Tail, woodcut by Yuki OGURALizard's Tail
White Porcelain and Red Plum Blossom, lithograph by Yuki OGURAWhite Porcelain and Red Plum Blossom
Mangos, woodcut by Yuki OGURAMangos
Summer Grasses, woodcut by Yuki OGURASummer Grasses
Spring Has Come, lithograph by Yuki OGURASpring Has Come
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Biography of Yuki OGURA

Portrait of Yuki OGURA 1905 - Japanese painter Yuki OGURA was born in Shiga Prefecture.
1913 - Entered Nara Women's Higher Normal School (now Nara Women's University).
1917 - Graduated from Nara Women's Higher Normal School (now Nara Women's University).
1920 - Became a lecturer of Soshin Girl's School, Yokohama. Became a pupil of Yukihiko YASUDA.
1926 - Exhibited her work "Kyuuri (Cucumber)" at the 13th Inten Exhibition, and awarded her first prize.
1932 - Became the "Dojin" of the Japan Art Institute.
1938 - Married Tetsuju Ogura.
1944 - Tetsuju Ogura died.
1954 - Awarded the 4th Shoen UEMURA Prize for works including the "Portrait of Mrs. O".
1955 - Received the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts at the 39th Inten Exhibition.
1962 - Received the 18th Japan Art Academy Award.
1973 - Received the third class of the Order of the Sacred Treasure.
1976 - Appointed to the member of The Japan Art Academy.
1978 - Appointed to the Director of the Japan Art Institute. Designated a Person of Cultural Merit.
1980 - Given the Order of Culture.
1990 - Appointed to the chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Japan Art Institute.
1996 - Appointed to the honorary chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Japan Art Institute.
2000 - Yuki OGURA passed away at the age of 105.

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