Atsushi UEMURA

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Rabbit, by Atsushi UEMURARabbit
Dragon, by Atsushi UEMURADragon
Snake, by Atsushi UEMURASnake
Horse, by Atsushi UEMURAHorse
Sheep, by Atsushi UEMURASheep
Rooster, by Atsushi UEMURARooster
Dog, Atsushi UEMURADog
Boar, by Atsushi UEMURABoar
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Biography of Atsushi UEMURA

Portrait of Atsushi UEMURA1933 - Japanese painter Atsushi UEMURA was born in Kyoto as a son of Shoko UEMURA and a grandchild of Shoen UEMURA.
1953 - Entered "Kyoto-shiritsu Bijutsu Daigaku (existing Kyoto City University of Arts)".
1956 - Exhibited "Hakage" and "Karita" at the spring exhibition of the Shin-seisaku Kyokai Japanese painting section, and exhibited "Mizu" at the 20th Shin-seisaku Kyokai exhibition.
1957 - Graduated from "Kyoto-shiritsu Bijutsu Daigaku (existing Kyoto City University of Arts)".
1968 - Exhibited at the exhibition of the Shin-seisaku Kyokai.
1978 - Exhibited Soga-ten exhibition.
1981 - Appointed to a member of the Soga-kai.
1984 - Took office as a professor of the Kyoto City University of Arts.
1995 - Awarded the Japan Art Academy prize.
1999 - Took office as a vice president of the Kyoto City University of Arts.

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