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Monet's Pond and Red Dragonflies, lithograph by Reiji HIRAMATSUMonet's Pond and Red Dragonflies
Japanese Prayer, silkscreen and gold leaf by Reiji HIRAMATSUJapanese Prayer
Japanese Prayer, digital print and hand coloring by Reiji HIRAMATSUJapanese Prayer
Cherry Petals on Monet's Pond, lithograph by Reiji HIRAMATSUCherry Petals on Monet's Pond
Beautifully Colored Mount Fuji, woodcut by Reiji HIRAMATSUBeautifully Colored Mount Fuji
Flower, lithograph by Reiji HIRAMATSUFlower
A New Morning Dawns on Japan, silkscreen by Reiji HIRAMATSUA New Morning Dawns on Japan
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Biography of Reiji HIRAMATSU

Portrait of Reiji HIRAMATSU1941 - Japanese painter Reiji HIRAMATSU was born in Tokyo.
1960 - Exhibited in the Seiryushaten Exhibition.
1965 - Graduated from the Aichi University.
1977 - Won the Soga-kai Prize and the Spring Exhibition Prize.
1979 - Won the Grand Prize at the 1st Exhibition of the Chunichi Art Award.
Solo Exhibition.
1980 - Won the Award for Excellence at the 2nd Exhibition of the Central Japanese Painting Art Award.
1983 - Solo Exhibition.
1984 - Established the Yokono-kai (Dissolved in 1993).
1986 - Solo Exhibition at Tokyo International Forum.
1987 - Exhibited in the 'New Generation of Japanese Painters' Exhibition.
1988 - Won the 1st MOA Art Museum Mokichi Okada Prize and the Award for Excellence.
1989 - Won the Grand Prize at the 10th Exhibition of the Yamatane Art Museum Award.
Solo Exhibition.
1990 - Exhibited in the Nihon Shusaku Art Exhibition.
1991 - Exhibition of Modern Japanese Screen Painting in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Contemporary Japanese Painting Exhibition in Beijing, China.
1992 - Solo Exhibition at Kiyosumi Gallery, Ginza.
1993 - Solo Exhibition at Mitsukoshi Main Store.
Solo Exhibition at Narukawa Museum of Art.
1994 - Visited Paris for the first time.
Solo Exhibition at Point JAL Gallery, Paris.
1995 - Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong.
1996 - Solo Exhibition at Tokyo Tamkashimaya.
Solo Exhibition in Taiwan.
Invited to 'The 200th Anniversary of Alois Senefelder's Invention of Lithography', France.
1998 - Solo Exhibition in South Korea.
2005 - Visited Vietnam. (Japan Foundation)
2006 - Resigned as the Professor of the Tama Art University.
Took office as the President of the Ryotokuji University.
Founded Reiji Hiramatsu Hall in Yugawara Art Museum.
2007 - Resigned as the President of the Ryotokuji University.
2012 - Completed the 'Tower of Love', the monument to the memory of a new campus of Aichi University. 
Currently, Reiji HIRAMATSU is independent and not affiliated with any artist groups.
Councilor of The Japan Association for the promotion of Arts.

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